Mask On, Mask Off

Wearing masks has saved many lives during the past year and has slowed the spread of the virus. Unfortunately, the topic of masks has been politically charged this year, and confounded with personal freedom, preference, rights, and more. When we were asked to wear a mask, it was not always convenient. It was sometimes hot, uncomfortable, and limited our oxygen intake. People fought within stores because of masks. People yelled at each other, and became angry over masks.

The two little prepositions “on”, and “off” stirred our inner souls and emotions. Sometimes we forgot our masks and had to go back to get one. Sometimes we were forced to use masks by staff in stores. Sometimes we were denied access if we did not have a mask. People “burned” masks in protest. In 2019, who would have thought that a little “mask” could cause such debate? And so it continues…

Since the objective of “gratitude squared” is to promote “joy” and “happiness” and “helpfulness” to/for others, I invite you to focus instead on the word “mask”. It is a noun. A mask is an object. The prepositions “on” and “off” are actions, and cause us to “act” in some manner on the object.

I focus on the “mask” because I focus on my joy that I even have the option to have a mask!

Please remember that in developing countries many people never had masks. They never had the opportunity to wear a mask. Some of our front line workers in the USA, those from predominately black and brown communities might not of had the personal funds to buy masks, or to buy masks for their families, or to buy masks for their elderly relatives, or to wear masks on a regular, daily basis.

Remember that gratitude is derived from our individual cultures (see my post on March 3, 2021). Thus, today I do not want to argue over putting a mask on or not. Rather, I want to show gratitude that I have the opportunity to argue.

I am grateful that I can afford to have masks.

I am grateful that I have the option to put on a mask or not.

I am grateful that I can have access to go to a store because I have a mask.

I am grateful that I can argue with you about the politics of wearing a mask.

I am grateful that I can choose to wear my mask to help me stay healthy.

I am grateful that I may wear a mask to protect other people around me.

I am grateful that I have access to many masks.

I am grateful that I can try to do my part to protect and help other people stay healthy.

I am grateful that I may make a choice.

I love masks because I am grateful that people are alive.

This is #gratitudelite.

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