Water, Ocean, Waves Spells WOW!

I love water…. I love all water…. the ocean is particularly fascinating and complex to watch as the waves change. Water is, at times, peaceful. On the other hand, water can be dangerous as during storms, when waterspouts form. What I would describe as “angry water” is noted during downbursts or microbursts, when squalls or gusts form from sharp shifts in wind direction. I love to visit the waves after a storm.

Some days the water is nearly silent in movement, like a plate of glass, reflecting the clouds in the sky, and the colors of the sunsets. Sometimes the water changes color, as during “red tide” or based on run-off to the sea. Bottom line, the ocean water is complex, always changing, often a free entertainment to view, fun for surfers and children playing in the waves, and a scientific marvel as scholars track the waves, and seek to understand the gravitational attraction between the Earth and the Sun and the Tides.

I say WOW! I am grateful that I may observe water, ocean, and waves.

This is #gratitudezero.

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