Is Gratitude Random or Purposeful? (Audio)

Are you a beginner on your journey to Gratitude? Explore your options to purposefully choose #gratitude, and/or to experience the unexpected and unknown.

Explore #ScottDinsmore 29 ways to show gratitude at

Be a #gratitudeexpresser

This posting is classified as #gratitudeultra following the categories described in a posting on February 28, 2021 titles, Your Choice: Gratitude Zero, Gratitude Lite, or Gratitude Ultra.

This audio version of the printed text post by the same name, (access it here), the post on February 19, 2021 is for persons who prefer to “listen” to the content, versus reading the text.

Also, people “on the go” can easily access the information.

Finally, individuals with disabling conditions that make it difficult to read the text or access a computer or smart phone have reported that they enjoy listening to the information.

Note: It is up to you, especially if you are just beginning to become a #gratitudeexpresser! Your journey to gratitude is your own. There are no wrong or right pathways, just YOUR pathway….

Have a beautiful walk today…

Is Gratitude Random or Purposeful?

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