With Deep Gratitude for Another Year of Life

Tomorrow will be my four year health anniversary! I did not expect to see tomorrow. I feel like I am sailing (see exhibit at #LACMA) through the years – oh happy days!

This evening is an important time in my life as it is the eve of my 2017 health discovery that I was dying. On April 21, 2017, I learned I had several serious tumors and had approximately 7 to 9 months to live. It is an interesting feeling to learn you are going to die. It is a joyous emotion to not have died! Thus, the 21st of April on every year is a sacred time to me and I want to express my sincere gratitude on this important annual date with all of you. I do not take this day for granted.

In an earlier You tube posting on the Spirit of Place #Pontdel’AlmaTunnel I described various rituals to become more aware of life events. Today, I had such a life event. A totally unexpected phone call from a long lost colleague from 16 or so years ago pleasantly surprised me with an invitation for me to receive an award for my collective work with children and their language development in several different countries around the world. I smiled as I heard her say the words… You have been vetted by our committee. I don’t think I have ever been vetted before…

It was a wonderful time for reflection between us for two hours. We talked about our profession, and our life pathways. As some of you may remember I believe in #serendipity and believe our conversation will point me along a pathway toward my future actions with this #gratitudesquared.com site. I somehow feel it was no accident that she phoned me on my anniversary eve. In fact, as I was thinking about this day, it took me some time to remember why this date felt so significant to me. Then, I remembered… the eve of April 21!

So, feeling the weight of this day’s eve, this afternoon I took some time to re-read my posting of February 20, 2021 titled, Personality Traits Along the Road to Gratitude. Specifically, I reflected upon my own actions recently:

Am I open to new experiences when searching for deeper gratitude?

Do I have the right balance between organization and being carefree as I search?

Do I strive for enough extraversion against my basic preference to be reserved and solitary, or am I holding back from life’s experiences and therefore joy?

Am I friendly and helpful enough to others each and every day?

And, am I maintaining sensitivity to others while still feeling confident and positive in my search for ongoing gratitude for health and wellness?

I certainly hope so. My objective is to aspire for positivity and inspiration to others. I love the site #gratitudemakestheattitude and the postings from that site daily serve as a model for us.

What I want to obligate myself to is continual and ongoing reflections of #joy from my inside out by being even more sensitive, giving, and kind to persons to whom I may bring #happiness.

Last month I commented on how I got to gratitude within a You Tube posting on March 22, 2021. Last year I posted a different You Tube on April 21, 2020 titled, The Hero’s Journey on my three year health anniversary.

From forces I do not quite understand as yet, this is an important day, a significant eve. My colleague of long past phoned me; #GeorgeFloyd’s verdict of guilty was announced; a recent visit to the #LACMA exposed me to energy sources from #LevitatedMass as well as imagining something within the #UrbanLight monument. Even the recent landing of the first helicopter flight on Mars is unusual! I wonder what tomorrow will actually bring?


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