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Gratitude Through Anxiety

Tonight is the eve of a series of CT scans of my body early in the morning. I am supposed to be scanned every three months but due to the pandemic I have put it off for nearly one year. I hate these scans with iodine contrast. The iodinated procedure enhances the visibility of cancer pathologies and vascular structures and organs. I will have three scans due to the multiple sites of my cancers four years ago.

I am trying my best to practice gratitude and to remain in a State of Gratitude this week, but it is harder than usual because I feel anxious regarding the possible results. I do not have any symptoms which gives me confidence that everything will be ok. But, I read the literature and know the odds for my health each year, so I am not denying what result may appear.

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Fall Is Coming Soon: Continue With Gratitude

The Times, they are changing: Pandemic outcomes continue to go up and down. Variants continue to emerge. People are still seemingly unsettled. Health issues, death and dying, and unknowns are still reported. A war has ended. Fires and hurricanes continue. What are you to do during these crazy days to keep yourself in a State of Gratitude? How is it possible to remain joyful?

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Gratitude For Marine Rev. Robert Blake and Wife

I believe we must remain in a State of Gratitude these days even in the midst of the pandemic, the hurricane, the ending of the 20 year war, the murder of service men and women, the fires, the arguments over masks, and on and on…

Recently, I talked about #portals opening briefly in our lives, and closing just as quickly. Over the last few days I wondered what kind of portal opened up this week? It seems the news is all bad.

I reflected on what makes me continue to believe in gratitude in spite of everything? In fact, one site I view daily is #gratitudemakestheattitude. I was drawn to an old video my son made for my father’s celebration of his 90th birthday and I share it with you today.

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Gratitude For Waves In Life

Life is never constant. There are ups and downs, highs and lows throughout life. We are grateful for the highs and generally suffer during the lows. Accepting that life is never constant helps us practice gratitude for all of life.

Enjoy the following visual presentation of ocean waves, symbolic of waves in life.


Gratitude for Seasons of Life

This posting reminds us to celebrate all seasons of life, but especially our elderly family members and neighbors as they may not be with us tomorrow. Personal stories highlight special moments between senior couples and also focus on the musical talents of many of our parents. Have gratitude for your older family members.


With Deep Gratitude for Another Year of Life

Tomorrow will be my four year health anniversary! I did not expect to see tomorrow. I feel like I am sailing (see exhibit at #LACMA) through the years – oh happy days!

This evening is an important time in my life as it is the eve of my 2017 health discovery that I was dying. On April 21, 2017, I learned I had several serious tumors and had approximately 7 to 9 months to live. It is an interesting feeling to learn you are going to die. It is a joyous emotion to not have died! Thus, the 21st of April on every year is a sacred time to me and I want to express my sincere gratitude on this important annual date with all of you. I do not take this day for granted.

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A Sacred Eve Before the Dawn of Day

#UrbanLight is a landmark in Los Angeles at #LACMA by the artist #ChrisBurden in 2008. It is free!

The lights are from the 1920’s. There is repetition. There are lines of lights like “toy soldiers” lining up. Burden says the lights are “about imagining something”, a “societal responsibility”. What holds the work together? What do you feel when the lights come on at dusk and turn off at dawn? What do you relate to with regard to the repetition of the rows of lights and the on and off of the lights?

Today is the end of the #GeorgeFloyd murder case with the verdict of guilty. During this eve, I wonder what will the societal responsibility be tonight? Will people consider this eve as a sacred time for gratitude and thankfulness; will people consider this eve as a point of anger towards others? What will be the societal impact tonight? The recent mass shootings, the constant violence, the repetitive cycles of killings, court cases, protests, and discussions of racism continue on and off like the 1920’s lamps at the museum. The fear of citizens and communities to travel during the day as well as during the night re-emerges again and again after each act of violence.

This is a sacred eve before the dawn of day. Will people feel #joy, or #happiness, or #gratitude? Time will tell us… tonight when the people reflect will they be imagining something new, a change, hope, or will they not? I do not know how to feel about this sacred eve.


Attention: I Had An Oops!

Many of you may remember me speaking to you in my posting on “Maybe the Best Dog Day Ever – Yum!”, and also all the photos in the posting on March 7, 2021. This was my example of pure dog gratitude when my mom gave me a beef rib! Well, I am sorry to report that when she gave me another beef rib this week, I chewed on it so enthusiastically that I ended up in my Vet’s office!

In this posting, let me give a WARNING to all little dogs. I learned the hard way.

I chewed on that beef rib so happily that I injured my jaw, my neck, my shoulders, and my entire upper body!

I cried when I barked. I cried when I walked. I stumbled in circles as I could not get comfortable for hours. My mom was afraid I had a piece of bone stuck in my neck.

The Vet checked me for neurological damage. I feel lucky today and want to tell you what I learned at the Vet.

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Horses and Gratitude

Feeling Gratitude and Not Expressing It is like Wrapping a Present and Not Giving It!

William Arthur Ward

I look around. I listen to people on the phone. I am aware of conversations around me and on TV, and I recognize that we have pandemic fatigue. We are tired of being masked, locked up, limited in going out, eating, seeing friends and family, and experiencing life as we knew it. I am increasingly observing the frustration, sadness, fear, loneliness, loss of joy, anxiety, and weariness of people near me.

Through these posts, I am striving to provide a brief moment of escape from “the crap” of the day. I picked the horse photo and quote above to provide variety to switch our focus to horses.

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