#Gratitude is a Teacher for Us to Moderate #Desire (Audio)

This is the audio version of my posting on April 30, 2021 titled “Gratitude is a Teacher to Moderate Desire”. Some of my followers have requested audio versions rather than to read the text. Since this is a longer and more complex subject than I sometimes post, I request that for any of you who wish to take notes, please refer to the text posting as linked above. All of the audio content is provided within the above link.

In general, this posting explores the relationship between desire and gratitude with reference to the book “Psychology of Desire” (2015) edited by Hofmann, W., & Nordgren, L. F. (Eds.). (2015). The psychology of desire. The Guilford Press. Content within this book is described in detail in the posting linked in the above paragraph.

In addition, an alternative viewpoint is offered by Cyndi Rooney(2019). Content within this second reference is also provided in the posting linked above.

I will not repeat the text herein as it is easily available on gratitudesquared.com within the link provided above. Also, this video is self explanatory. A complete text is not necessary if one goes to the link above.

Gratitude is a Teacher for Us to Moderate Desire


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