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Gratitude For Blind Crests

There is a street in Laguna Beach, CA that feels like you are driving straight up, or straight down! For the first couple of times driving on this street I think about my poor visibility, the brakes on the car, other cars in front or behind, and caution. A street sign warns of “Blind Crest”. I feel a mixture of thrill and dread on this street.

As we continue into the New Year 2022, this particular street becomes my teacher: How should I greet the goal of “living in a State of Gratitude”? Sometimes it feels like my objectives are not visible to me. Am I

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Managing The Emotionality Of Gratitude

Gratitude is an emotion. Poor health creates strong emotions and fears. Life and death decisions are emotional events in our lives. Yesterday, I experienced “life” once again after several weeks of believing I might be dying this time.

Back in 2017, without warning, I experienced breast, ovarian, and peritoneal cancers. I had multiple surgeries and treatments. Yesterday, we expected that I had lung cancer. I always say I am the sickest healthy person you might ever meet. Yet, for 4.5 years I have been blessed with good health and no recurrences. Yesterday, we decided my lung nodules will be followed… no invasive diagnostic procedures just yet. Yeah!

These past, but sudden events in my life drove me to “Gratitude”.

I am so grateful that I am alive and healthy, but I sometimes have survivor’s guilt as I know many people who have not been as fortunate as I, and have already lost their life.

So, I ask myself… how may I help? What might I say to you to cause you to be positive instead of scared to death, miserable, and so often in pain?

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Gratitude For Hope And Promise

My life is changing again. I don’t mind change as it serves as a challenge for me to learn new information and experience different events.

Some of you may remember my post on September 14, 2021 “Gratitude Through Anxiety” in which I explained that I was about to undergo CT scans to check the status of my health. I am happy to report that my abdominal, pelvic, and chest scans showed no change again! We are pleased with these results. For nearly 4 and 1/2 years my health has remained stable.

At the same time, the pathologist noted lung nodule “suspicious for the spectrum of adenocarcinoma”. With the awe comes the shock now! My gynecologist referred me to a pulmonologist to make decisions as to how to proceed. I feel concern right now because of the current pandemic. A serious issue is having a potential “lung” surgery during the additional complication of a COVID variant. This is bad news…

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Fall Is Coming Soon: Continue With Gratitude

The Times, they are changing: Pandemic outcomes continue to go up and down. Variants continue to emerge. People are still seemingly unsettled. Health issues, death and dying, and unknowns are still reported. A war has ended. Fires and hurricanes continue. What are you to do during these crazy days to keep yourself in a State of Gratitude? How is it possible to remain joyful?

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Staying in a State of Gratitude is Not Easy: So Why Do It?

When I began my journey to gratitude, it seemed easy to find examples of kind acts by people, fun pet moments, memorable acts of generosity between individuals, and so forth, but as this pandemic drags on I am observing more stress, more anger and frustration, greater impatience, visible sadness, signs of depression, instances of hopelessness, and fits of intolerance all around me. It is hard to stay grateful each and every day when you see and hear stories of death and dying, fights on airplanes and in shops over wearing or not wearing masks, lack of clarity on what will happen when school begins again, red States and blue States, and political disagreements.

How in the world does one stay grateful and joyful when there seems to be pain and sadness all around?

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Gratitude For Life’s Lessons

An activity is suggested that compares two points in time in your life: a younger you compared to an older you. What would the older you tell the younger you? Using personal photographs practice this activity with the author and see what would be your own personal outcome?

This posting focuses on the journey to gratitude for life’s lessons. Five lessons learned on the journey to a State of Gratitude are discussed with examples from the author’s life. The Lessons include the following:

Lesson One: Love Your Family. Two poems are read: My Family, and You Carry My Genes by Marian Elsie Blake in the book, A House Inside of Me by Mary Blake Huer, available on Amazon.

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#Gratitude is a Teacher for Us to Moderate #Desire (Audio)

This is the audio version of my posting on April 30, 2021 titled “Gratitude is a Teacher to Moderate Desire”. Some of my followers have requested audio versions rather than to read the text. Since this is a longer and more complex subject than I sometimes post, I request that for any of you who wish to take notes, please refer to the text posting as linked above. All of the audio content is provided within the above link.

In general, this posting explores the relationship between desire and gratitude with reference to the book “Psychology of Desire” (2015) edited by Hofmann, W., & Nordgren, L. F. (Eds.). (2015). The psychology of desire. The Guilford Press. Content within this book is described in detail in the posting linked in the above paragraph.

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Looking For Gratitude

In April 2021, times are trying. The pandemic continues to kill people, but not as many since the vaccine is available. Families are hoping for their children to return to school, or at least more normal types of activities for high school graduations, applications for college, or socializing with other children. Families wish to plan weddings, be with their elderly parents who are in the hospitals, and, sadly attend funerals of their loved ones. People are tired of the lock downs. People want life to go back to the old normal.

President Biden and other leaders are working on a national infrastructure plan to help communities with roads, bridges, buildings, and other structural improvements which appear neglected recently. Such national objectives would help improve the economy by helping the unemployed get jobs. Politically the Democrats and Republicans still differ more than agree on almost all issues.

Culturally, Black Lives Matters advocates are focused on the trial of the officer that sat on George Floyd’s neck, and Asian-American hate crimes are on the increase. Some members within the White community are still frustrated, as evidenced by the January 6, 2021 march on the Capital of the USA. So, my thoughts for today direct us to ask:

How do I find gratitude when the world around me seems to be unstable and ever changing?

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