Grateful for Love’s Truck Stops: Motorcycle Man

Recently I drove across the country from California to Indiana on a weekend. I was surprised at the road construction and all the people on the road. I typically like to stop at #Love’s Truck Stops as they are open 24 hours and have gas, food, and clean bathrooms. People typically take a nap, or even sleep a few hours at night to rest during their various trips. Families fill their cars or campers with people as get-aways

from being inside during the past 16 months of the pandemic. My drive felt long and crowded and I did not enjoy the typically beautiful drive. People seemed impatient and angry, and I watched long lines at the gas pumps, and families argue as they poured out of their vehicles. I could see them grab their individual pillows and take walks to get some fresh air and take a break from their crowded cars and family members. It did not look very happy to me.

Early one morning as I walked back to my car, I noted the motor homes, and cars parked, and thought to myself about all the people sleeping before beginning another long drive. For the first time in my experience, I spotted a man sleeping on the payment next to his motorcycle. I took a quick photo as I wanted to remember the sight. I share it with you. I am grateful that we can rest when on the road.


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