Gratitude For the Ordinary: Sun And Clouds

Recently I decided to drive across the United States to rid my restlessness from the pandemic. Typically, I love to drive and see the beauty within the various States. As music plays it causes me to reflect on and find joy, as I think about all that I am grateful for in life. My favorite time of day is the early morning, around 4 AM so I can watch the sunrise over the mountains in the Western States.

Last week I loved all the sunrises and clouds and was reminded of the “ordinary” daily events that we take for granted each day. Sunrises are beautiful and moving… Clouds come in different sizes, shapes, and formations. Ordinary events in our lives are stunning, gorgeous, awe inspiring, and constantly changing. Sunrises, sunsets, clouds in the sky, the shapes of the sun and moon, and our daily visuals in life should cause us to pause, and be grateful. What do you think?


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