Acknowledge When A Portal Opens In Your Life

My dear friends recently were married in Portugal at the Quinta de Sant’ Ana in Gradil. With the Covid in all of our lives during the past 15 months or so, it seemed that their wedding would be postponed. In fact, it was cancelled in May 2021. But, then some dates in July 2021 opened and they quickly planned the wedding again. Their family and close friends were able to attend, but just as the three day event ended, the country of Portugal changed the rating for the virus to the highest level again, just as the twenty or so people were testing negative and beginning to leave the country. They were all able to leave the country just in time to return to the USA as the world began to shut down again.

I was not able to attend the wedding but met with them today and welcomed them back to the USA. As I listened to their stories of the beautiful wedding, meals, and receptions, I was reminded of my belief in “serendipity” and “synchronicity” in life. (See my YouTube posting on January 17, 2020.)

As a reminder, “serendipity” is defined as an unplanned but fortunate discovery. “Sychronicity” is defined as apparent but meaningful coincidences.

As we relived all the beautiful wedding experiences it seemed to me that a “portal” had opened for them. Just in time for the dear young couple who longed to be married, the heavens opened a “portal” for their wedding to be completed within the four or so day period. Just as quickly as the portal opened, it closed again and the world returned to all the stress and fuss over the virus and all the variants from such.

How wonderful and serendipitous that this special couple could have this time of celebration. How meaningful will be their memories forever because of the blessings from the synchronicity they experienced!

I share this story will all of you to remind you to be patient, be grateful, be joyful when it seems that the world is sometimes against you. Be mindful and watchful for a “portal” to open in your own life. If you watch for it, you will find many blessings in your life, as well as unexplainable events that are nearly divine and just for you!

Watch for portals in your own life.

A portal opened for Christie and Tim


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