Staying in a State of Gratitude Is Not Easy: So How Do I Do It?

Recently, I wanted to go out to lunch with a friend. We tried four different restaurants and each one was crowded with a long wait. Plus, we had to mask up so we wanted to social distance. We had even gone at an early hour to avoid the crowds. I guess everyone else had the same idea. However, when we got to restaurant number five, it was empty. The food was better than the other places we had visited and the lunch was actually more enjoyable.

During lunch I explained to my friend that “things/events typically work out in life if we are patient and zoom out to see the event in context.” That is, if we had waited and tried to have lunch at one of the other four places to eat, it would not have been as nice as place number five. I believe that by being calm and patient, and searching for the positive in life, things work out…

So how do you stay in a State of Gratitude? Practice the following exercises:

  1. Notice every good thing around you. Really pay attention to those and make a mental note of it.
  2. Recognize every day is a gift. Remember I only had about 7 to 9 months to live four years ago, so every day is a gift to me. Every day alive is better than being dead.
  3. Compliment others as often as possible, especially during these stressful times.
  4. Try to pay kindness forward when you have the opportunity to do something for someone else.
  5. Do not complain about traffic, weather, other people’s actions, a family member, or stranger.
  6. Thank people for their services: waiters, drivers, teachers, lawn care people, police officers, shop keepers, car repair people, neighbors, strangers around you everywhere you go.
  7. Be grateful for everyday routines as when illness comes, or you lose a job, or an accident happens, you will wish you had those everyday routines. Only when you lose those, do we often appreciate them. Often the appreciation comes only when it is too late.
  8. Begin and end your day with gratitude. Wake up happy to be alive and to have whatever opportunity or mundane task will face you. I believe that a day alive is always better than a day dead.
  9. As the saying goes, “Count your blessings”. Literally write down what you are thankful for today from the little things like a hot shower, cup of coffee, air conditioner, ceiling fan, clean water, your pet, telephone call or text from a friend and more.
  10. Pay it forward. I believe that every good act I do for someone else strengthens my inner core. If I may help my brother, help my child, help a friend/neighbor/stranger – I am sending positive energy out into the world to make it a better place. Because I feel so blessed with good health right now, I try to pay it forward through kindness to others. Small gestures may make a difference in another person’s life and you may or may not ever know it. Thus, each and every time I am faced with an opportunity to help someone else, I do it immediately. For each positive action, I believe there is a positive reaction. Such actions are like waves that ripple out around us, or radiate downline to another, and on and on in this world.

Personally, I would rather go out of my way to do something positive for someone else than to selfishly choose to do nothing in the moment.

Practices these ten (10) actions daily as you work toward your journey to Gratitude. Watch what will happen to you and your life!

Share these ideas with others and see the ripple effect around you.

Hold yourself accountable to maintain a higher standard each day than the day before. Watch what happens to you!

My very best to you as your move along your journey to gratitude. You will do it. I know!


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