Gratitude For Water

Water serves so many different purposes in our life. Sometimes I think we take it for granted. We know that we need water for life! Water is important in religious ceremonies. Water is necessary in sanitation. Water is important for our health. Water gives us pleasure through swimming, boating, surfing, fishing, and much more. I feel so much gratitude for water!

This video focuses on the soothing sounds of the ocean waves for our gratitude moment for today. This author has commented in other earlier YOUTUBE videos on the believed healing properties for water. There are links to the earlier videos below.

Many people make visits to Lourdes, France for sacred water. The necessity for water there is for healing. Also, blessed water has been described in detail by other scholars – a very interesting finding for a later discussion. The sounds of the water in streams, lakes, rivers, the ocean, even the rain are wonderful to listen to during moments of quiet reflection.

I invite everyone today to listen to the ocean sounds for reflection, relaxation, and enjoyment as you focus on your own personal gratitude for water. Enjoy this video of the ocean waves this morning.

What is your own personal experience with water? Please share your experiences with others.

Gratitude for Water

Additional materials regarding water and in which one feels gratitude for such. Earlier YouTube videos that also focus on water for healing and visits to sacred places (August 2019 and January 5, 2020).

Lourdes France


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