Practice Gratitude During Stressful Times

I spend most of my time listening to people complain these days. No doubt there is more uncertainty than I ever remember in my life. People can not easily vacation, or travel, or plan to see other family members and friends. Some people are wearing masks again, others refuse to do so. The news is uncertain about the Covid viruses. School may or may not return to normal this year. People have lost their jobs. Other people do not want to work because they need to stay home with their children or they prefer to receive support from the government. The weather is hot and humid and the wild fires are starting again. Some people would say “life sucks”. So why would I expect anyone to practice gratitude?

Recently, I took a road trip to visit my brother for his birthday. He’s such a kind and helpful man. But while on the road I found it to be so crowded. When I stopped for gas, people would pile out of their cars angry with each other and needing a break before getting back in the car again. I was happy to spend time with family, but did look forward to going home again as it was just miserable on the road.

During these times, we must practice gratitude to a greater extent than ever before I believe.Try to remember that even though it seems the day is terrible, the day could always be worse. Try to imagine that each day is your last day on this earth. How would you spend your last day?

I like to follow an Instagram account called #Gratitudemakestheattitude. They regularly share wisdom. Here are just a few of their recent postings:

A Heart of Gratitude Changes The Outcome Even When The Outcome Doesn’t Change.

“Whatever You Appreciate and Give Thanks For Will Increase In Your Life” Sanaya Roman

Be Grateful For Whatever It Is That’s On Your Schedule This Week. In the End It’s All Part of the Grand Opportunity Called Life.

Go to Bed With Gratitude

Gratitude Unlocks The Fullness of Life. It Turns What We Have Into Enough, And More. It Turns Denial Into Acceptance, Chaos To Order, Confusion To Clarity. It Can Turn A Meal Into A Feast, A House Into A Home, A Stranger Into A Friend. Melody Beattie

With a Mindset of Gratitude You Can Lick Any Problem (They showed a movie of a cow licking a hand).

With Practice, Gratitude Becomes Easier and We Become Stronger.

As I remarked in an earlier post (June 18, 2021 titled #GratitudetomyFollowers) I truly believe we experience a visceral change in our daily practices, attitudes toward others, and actions as human beings when we move into a state of gratitude. I believe you will find hidden treasures of meanings important to your own life and personal desires.

I know these are trying times, but I urge you to find moments of joy and pleasure each day. It does really help one get through these tough times.

Would you please try it with me? Blessings to you.

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