Gratitude For Nature’s Beauty

When life feels stressful I like to go outside and walk or drive and breathe in nature’s beauty. I have many family members and friends right now who are experiencing extreme stress with breakups in relationships, serious health problems, consequences from the virus, fear of going outside, and on and on. Today, I want to share some beautiful photos to give you peace and calm, and harmony with nature.

During trying times, practicing gratitude helps me. I hope these photos help you to focus on something beyond your immediate issues.

Life seems to come in waves… good times, bad times, ok times, happy times, stressful times….

Life seems to have portals that open and close for each of us to have momentary experiences…

Remember the saying, “when one door closes, another door opens”…

I personally believe that we need to have “endings” before we can have new “beginnings”. Typically the endings are pretty bad for each of us emotionally, but when we make it through the endings, the new beginnings can become pretty terrific! Take some time, breathe, meditate, and soak in nature’s beauty, letting your mind soar to whatever place you need to visit! Blessings to each of you today.


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