Gratitude For Marine Rev. Robert Blake and Wife

I believe we must remain in a State of Gratitude these days even in the midst of the pandemic, the hurricane, the ending of the 20 year war, the murder of service men and women, the fires, the arguments over masks, and on and on…

Recently, I talked about #portals opening briefly in our lives, and closing just as quickly. Over the last few days I wondered what kind of portal opened up this week? It seems the news is all bad.

I reflected on what makes me continue to believe in gratitude in spite of everything? In fact, one site I view daily is #gratitudemakestheattitude. I was drawn to an old video my son made for my father’s celebration of his 90th birthday and I share it with you today.

My father and mother served as wonderful models for me. They served often in poor neighborhoods with persons needing help through their Baptist ministry. My mom especially loved little children who needed “socks” and “food”. My dad was a Marine in WW II pastor. My parents were not perfect but they were wonderful role models for many of their family members. My mother’s poetry is still treasured as are her songs, and my dad singing.

I share this video with you with deep gratitude in celebration of their lives. In appreciation for the morals, values, and belief systems they taught me. Perhaps this video will give you a sense of faith, peace, and harmony with life during these trying days. Blessings to all!


2 thoughts on “Gratitude For Marine Rev. Robert Blake and Wife

  1. profjonhuer

    a moving tribute to a man and a woman who were once my parents in law and two human beings I admired the most. jon

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