Gratitude For Hope And Promise

My life is changing again. I don’t mind change as it serves as a challenge for me to learn new information and experience different events.

Some of you may remember my post on September 14, 2021 “Gratitude Through Anxiety” in which I explained that I was about to undergo CT scans to check the status of my health. I am happy to report that my abdominal, pelvic, and chest scans showed no change again! We are pleased with these results. For nearly 4 and 1/2 years my health has remained stable.

At the same time, the pathologist noted lung nodule “suspicious for the spectrum of adenocarcinoma”. With the awe comes the shock now! My gynecologist referred me to a pulmonologist to make decisions as to how to proceed. I feel concern right now because of the current pandemic. A serious issue is having a potential “lung” surgery during the additional complication of a COVID variant. This is bad news…

A visit to my primary care/internal medicine doctor also resulted in a pulmonologist being added to my team. During the last two weeks I have vetted three pulmonologists (viewing their credentials online) and have made multiple appointments to prepare to visit the UCLA Lung Cancer Team. Because I am a Ph.D. researcher, I do have peace and hope that I have found the appropriate team should I need such.

I looked up the definition of “promise” and found that a promise is “a declaration … that a particular thing will happen”. Further, a promise is “the quality of potential excellence”, and “contemplate the pleasant expectation of”. Being in a State of Gratitude keeps me “hopeful”, and the deliberate actions I am now taking make me believe that I have the “promise” to continue to maintain positive health. Living on “hope” is not easy.

I am a critical member of my health team. I believe in global health practices, so I research Western Medical options (as well as other possibilities) for my “mind” (hope and promise), “body” (my immune system and any inflammation in my body must be tended to carefully), and “spirit” (prayer, support of friends, family and even all you strangers reading my posts and writing to me regularly).

Yesterday I had my third Covid vaccine at full strength (Moderna). This boost is to prepare my immune system. Today is not an easy day.

In brief, I send my sincere appreciation to all of you for your ongoing support and prayers. is about maintaining a State of Gratitude. It is not always a clear pathway, but through it I still have hope and promise. I am grateful that I am still healthy, and have gratitude that I have good doctors and friends/family. I send Blessings to All!


4 thoughts on “Gratitude For Hope And Promise

  1. anne leueen

    I will keep you on my prayer wheel. Don’t stress too much at this stage. A nodule may just be a nodule. I have two of them in my lungs for decades. But you are on my wheel asking for a good outcome what ever happens next.

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