Grateful For Seasonal Delights of Autumn And Fall

I love the Autumn and Fall Season and unfortunately it is already about over again this year. The colors are beautiful as the leaves change. The air smells fresh and crisp, especially in the early mornings and evenings. The seasonal foods like pumpkin and spices and soups and breads remind me of years past with family. The holiday seasons begin with Halloween and move to Thanksgiving as winter approaches. It is just a fun time of year, e.g., hayrides, ghosts, haunted houses, even raking leaves, playing in the leaf piles, and more.

All regions of the USA do not share in these practices for Fall, but there are subtle changes within each region as well. The sunset and sunrise patterns change in the West coast, and the wave patterns begin to change for the surfers. All in all it is a happy time of year.

This video captures some of my fond memories from my mother in the past, as well as recent images of the present. I share these images with you with gratitude and I hope you will share your images with me and others as well. Happy Autumn and Fall to you all!


Note: the poetry is from a book, A House Inside of Me Poetry by Marian Elsie Blake (2013) by Mary Blake Huer. The poem is from the Nature section of the book and is called Trees Are Naked.

1 thought on “Grateful For Seasonal Delights of Autumn And Fall

  1. profjonhuer

    Mary, thank you for your lovely seasonal reflections. Your mother’s poem reminds me once again what a wise woman Marian Elsie truly was.



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