This Doggie Was Knock, Knock, Knocking At Death’s Door Three Times

This video captures the last month of a little Yorkie rescue named Mickey who nearly died, but is alive because of the assistance of several people in his life who cared enough to help him (#YorkieRescueofAmerica). It is the third in a series of postings about Mickey and has prompted further postings about animal rights and pets in the USA.

Links to the earlier postings may be found below, but in brief, the first posting is about an owner’s love for her pet when she becomes very ill. What does one do when faced with life and death yourself?

The second posting is about the consequences of Mickey being sent to a Vet for boarding for about five plus weeks while plans were underway for his future care. He became seriously ill and nearly died due to a parasite and maybe his broken heart and spirit at the separation from the only mother he ever knew.

The third posting (this one) is about Mickey’s recovery after facing a serious illness and spending time in an urgent care animal hospital in Los Angeles. A Yorkie rescue helped him find his way back to health but the expense was tremendous. How does one make decisions regarding the costs for medical care for dogs? How does one pay for such care in an ICU or critical care unit? What are the ethical decisions for euthanasia? What are Vet responsibilities? Where does one find help when they can no longer care for their beloved pet? Within this posting, you will meet Mickey… the little dog at the heart of our discussions. In future postings, you will learn about the status of pet care (dog care) in the USA, regulations, policies, choices, and more. With gratitude, I share this information with you as I have become increasingly aware of Animal Rights, Advocacy for Pets, Ethical Standards for Care, and more. I hope you will take a moment, hug your own pet if you have one, and consider the State of the Art in Pet Ownership in the USA Today. Give gratitude for our pets!


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