Please Help Make A Miracle For Mickey

You may remember my post about love and a dog recently in (How May I Capture Love in One Post?). Today I am pleading for your help for this little dog who is now in an intensive care unit (CCU) in a pet hospital (VCA) in Los Angeles. There has been a truly terrible turn of events in the past week.

My new little friend Mickey has now not only lost his dear human mama, as well as the only home he ever knew, but he may very well lose his own life because of a wicked parasite he contracted while being cared for, an unforeseen tragedy within this already sad story. Do any of us realize the extent to which cancer, or any serious illness, causes havoc not only on the person involved but on their spouse, family, and even on their pets? I am sad to admit that I never thought about this until recently.

Here is an update since my last posting: You may remember that a Yorkie rescue was going to pick up Mickey last week when his mom had to make the tough decision to tell him good bye. When Ellen from the rescue went to Mickey’s vet to pick him up after he had been boarded there for several weeks, Ellen found a filthy, dirty little dog and so she did not accept him on that day.

To be honest, I and friends never thought in the midst of caring for a cancer patient through multiple surgeries to have her dog groomed, toenails clipped etc. It was not on our radar at the time, but it makes sense that the Vet’s office or we should have prepared Mickey for his new family. This was my lesson number one!

So, I called the Vet office, requested Mickey be groomed and arranged to pick him up last Wednesday to transport him to the rescue foster mom. I purchased a cute little sweater, and planned to make Mickey as handsome as possible to apologize for the mix up, with hopes that they would still accept him.

When I arrived at the Vet office, Mickey was ready but even though I had an appointment, the Vet’s office was a mess in that they did not have Mickey’s bed, leash, medical records, medicines etc. ready for me and I had to send the staff member in multiple times to get all his precious little possessions. On that day, little did I know how bad that particular Vet’s office was, in my opinion. They even sent along the wrong meds (another dog’s). These were clues of what was about to unfold. This was my lesson number two.

Mickey literally jumped from their arms to my arms when he saw me. I had never met Mickey before and was simply picking him up to take him to his new foster mom. Mickey seemed so happy to get out of that place where he had been boarded for several weeks while his mother had surgery. I remember watching him play in the grass on that sunshine filled southern CA day (see videos and photos). He seemed to jump like a little deer through the grass and follow along with such joy. That was the first time I ever met Mickey and I was so happy to be helping. His joy when meeting me was my lesson number three! What was this little guy trying to tell me I wondered? Later I learned that this breed is intelligent and intuitive and we should be better listeners to them.

So on Wednesday, I dressed him in his new sweater and took him to meet his new foster mom. It was such a happy day on that Wednesday and later that evening his foster mom (Ellen)sent photos of Mickey walking with his new Yorkie friends, and later resting in his bed as well as on other beds in her home. All seemed well and it was such an awesome day! But that night Mickey vomited.

The next day, Thursday, the foster mom (Ellen) took Mickey to her Vet for a check up as she prepared him for his new adoptive family. The results of the labs and testing came back on Friday and I received a request for a conference call, with others, for an update regarding Mickey. Turns out he was a very sick little boy, maybe was dying. He could not eat, had diarrhea, wobbled when he walked, was losing hair, was dehydrated and more. Lesson number four was how professional, knowledgable, and experienced these ladies were. They sensed problems they had not expected when they were called to accept Mickey. It was time to let them do their jobs for this Yorkie. I was in shock, remembering the happy bright eyed little dude I had just met.

During the conference call, I learned Mickey had several serious medical problems and we discussed an “end of life decision”, emotional trauma, and also possible further medical care but it would be costly. By this time it was Friday afternoon and I suggested we end the call and that they, the Yorkie rescue ladies, rush him to the VCA Pet hospital emergency center that they had described. I gave them my credit card… I did not know how this sweet little guy I had just met briefly was going to pull through, so I prepared for the worst, but still believed in a miracle.

Late that same Friday evening around 10 pm or so, I received a call that VCA discovered in the emergency room that Mickey had an awful parasite, Coccidia, that was literally eating him from the inside out! He apparently got it during his stay in that earlier awful Vet office. I am so angry and sad now. We had not expected this!

Being boarded should not mean getting such a serious parasite that your entire organ systems will shut down and you may die. On the other hand, I felt also relieved that some of our earlier fears and possible need to end his life were redirected because of the presence of Coccidia. Could this be treated? I prayed as we all gave more money.

Is it not enough that this little guy lost his mother and the life he knew? Might he now lose his own life because of being boarded at a Vet office? This is simply unacceptable. Lesson number five is to try to always get competent medical professionals for pets as well as humans.

This little dog captured my heart in the only 15 minutes I have ever met him. If you are reading my blogs then you know that I believe that “portals” open in our lives for only brief moments during which significant events, life changing events may happen. We are in a “portal moment” now, and so I am reaching out and need your help to help Mickey. I believe in this little guy for reasons yet unknown to me. I believe in the mission of the dog rescue.

You may also know that I believe in serendipity and synchronicity and due to my own health issues I continue to search for integrative alternatives as well as traditional medicines, so I am believing that Mickey will receive such alternatives too. The VCA hospital in Los Angeles is saving Mickey even as I type this posting. He has been in ICU (CCU) under emergency care since Friday night and this is Wednesday morning, five days and counting. Lesson number six is never, never, ever give up initially until you have explored at least a few alternative choices.

Mickey is starting to eat again, and poop, and has had an IV line for hydration, and is moving to oral medicines as they ween him off his IV line. He even “wagged his tail” recently. These are little positive changes in his health, but oh such happy news. We were preparing for him to need surgery to insert a feeding tube but that may be unnecessary now we hope.

As we continue to receive updates often by telephone and text and as I wait and hope, songs such as “Somewhere Out there….” “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”, “The Impossible Dream”, and even “Make You Feel My Love” by Adele play on the radio makes me want to cry listening to the lyrics. The women visit him to tell him to keep his spirits up. The staff have regular rounds and constant monitoring of his diet, his hydration, his other biological changes, and give him love. We are in a “portal moment”, in a “miracle moment”, and in a sacred time interval for Mickey.

My final lesson today, number seven, is to learn to “keep hope alive” and connect with others who may also care about little ill dogs. Send a positive message of hope out to all through a reach out for help. Thus, I am asking YOU, if you can, to help Make A Miracle For Mickey…

Once discovering this terrible contagious parasite, Ellen and Tiffani had to destroy all the bedding for the other dogs in their homes, had to have all their dogs tested for the parasite, and sadly, one of Mickey’s only possessions, his Mickey Mouse blanket that he loved, had to be burned. Life is tough for Mickey right now but I believe in his future if we can get him home to his new adoptive family.

These posts are about gratitude in life. Today I am grateful that Mickey is still alive. Today I am grateful that this little guy touched my heart in the brief moment I met him. Today I am grateful to Ellen and Tiffini and to their Yorkie Rescue of America Foundation to help up to 500 little Yorkies with their own stories. Today I am grateful that my heart can “feel” and that I may be sensitive to real life issues such as Yorkie dog suffering.

Please, please, please help Mickey have a Miracle. Blessings to all who help through a prayer or donation… With deepest gratitude and sincere thanks to you…

I am putting a link to the Yorkie Rescue of America and a PayPal link for donations.


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