Grateful But Horrified That I Learned About Animal Rights

Recently I watched my mother help a little Yorkie named Mickey. He was nearly killed because his human mother got sick, then he got a terrible parasite from a Vet, most likely, while he was boarded there. Fortunately, he was rescued by the Yorkie Rescue of America and rushed to an animal care hospital, placed in urgent critical care for a week and lived.

My human mother started to read all the various laws in different States about Animal Rights. Recently, she found a posting on Google (from June 5, 2017) that stated “according to law, dogs are property, making them no legally different from furniture or other items in your home”. This is just terrible news to me! I am sooooo lucky to have a human mom who treats me well and takes care of me. It seems that other dogs may not be so lucky.

There are many different Animal Rights Organizations, and I mainly want learn about dog rights. But please consider the work of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) and learn how animals, in general, suffer when used for experimentation, food, entertainment, clothing and the pet-trade. Learn about the various dog rescue groups near you. Be aware that dogs, like me, are not always adopted or purchased by loving humans. What dogs are subjected to is unspeakable: heavy chains, dogfighting rings, left outside in winter days, left to roam looking for food, injured by cars, mutilations in surgeries, poisoned, shot, starved, drowned etc. Even when placed in no-kill shelters, such shelters are sometimes overcrowded and animals get sick.

Think of poor Mickey! He was placed with a reputable Vet in Irvine, CA and still found a deadly parasite somehow while waiting to be picked up by the rescue group.

Please, please, please educate yourself about all the various issues for Animal Rights. I am so grateful that my human mother is learning about issues pertaining to me, but I am so sad to listen to what she is learning.

Today, have gratitude that you are not a dog like me. I am for nonhuman personhood.

What do you think about animal rights?


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