Gratitude For Good Veterinarians

Recently, a little dog my human mother was trying to help was boarded at a Vet for several weeks. Apparently, he got a terrible parasite while boarded and nearly died. Because of her experience, my mom started to search good Vets and bad Vets for me just like she searches for good and bad doctors, medical centers, etc. for herself. She is much more careful now with me and my care and I am grateful to learn that if I need medical care, I will go to a good Vet.

Vets must have lots of university training and degrees to practice, but that does not mean they will be a good Vet. My human mother recently found this on google:

If you aren’t quite sure what makes a good vet, here’s what to look for.

  1. Good: They Care About Comfort. … 
  2. Good: They’re Willing To Explain. … 
  3. Good: They Run Thorough Tests. … 
  4. Good: They Listen To You. … 
  5. Bad: They Rush You. … 
  6. Bad: They Try To Sell You Unnecessary Things. … 
  7. Bad: You Feel Uncomfortable.

Jun 18, 2019

She also found another article regarding signs of a good Vet and signs of a bad Vet

Ask other people about their Vets. Listen to stories about the care their dogs received at various Vet offices. Try to give your human parents signs if you do, or do not like the Vet (like barking, growling, hiding, peeing, versus licking, smelling, approaching, smiling at the Vet, wagging your tail, etc.).

As you know, we dogs don’t have many Animal rights right now. We are the property of our owners and the rules in each State differ in the USA. I hope your human mom will find a good Vet for you when you need one. I am grateful for good Vets. I do not like Vets who are in the business just to rush my human mom and not pay attention to what she needs for me. How about you?


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