Grateful For Hope

In four days, will be 9 months old.

(from 02/05/2021 to 11/05/2021).

So today is like the birth of my baby! I have posted 143 thoughts in posts, had 4036 views, and 1418 different visitors.

I am not trending and my musings are not popular but I am alive and that is enough.

Earlier, I started a YOUTUBE Channel (A.K.A. Aspiring Through Cancer (ATC))

01/11/2019 to 02/18/2019

Gradually I stopped focusing only on Cancer and started to focus on Health and Wellness so my Channel name changed to “Aspiring Through Healing to Health and Wellness (ATH) which lasted during 12/22/2019 to 04/25/2020.

I had two full knee replacements which placed me often in Orthopedic Gyms and I noted the people were all so happy in those gyms! In the Oncology units people seemed so sad and depressed.

By February of 2021 I was feeling so alive and well so I started posting about such.

By November 11, 2021, I have been on line through video for over 2 years and 10 months. I have posted 77 YOUTUBE videos which have had 1462 views.

I am not an influencer, nor do I receive many views, likes, or reposts, but I am alive and that is enough!

I post often because I am happy.

I post often because I am so full of gratitude to still be alive.

As my gift to you today, I post this early morning video I took of the ocean.

My health may be changing soon, but until such time as I can not longer post, I will post because each day is a gift to me.

It is far better to be alive, than to be dead.

I have the luxury of time now to observe, experience, comment, and learn from others. I post about the various observations and experiences I have. It may be about a doggie and animal rights. It may be about the beauty of nature. It may be about a family member’s poetry. It may be about something deep I have read in the literature that moves me about life, desire, motivation and spirituality. It may be funny and trivial. But I will keep posting because I am full of joy every day… no matter what… the pandemic…. politics…. the economy…. nothing feels as good as being alive and healthy.

I wish for you to have joy and hope today as well! I am grateful that you read my musings.

P.S. I will prepare a listing of some of the titles from my YOUTUBE CHANNEL in case anyone is interested. If you go to YOUTUBE and search under the title “gratitudesquared” you will see my channel pop up with my photo and my name.

A lisiting and links to all my videos will become available to you. Also, I may link some of those videos to for ease of access if anyone is interested. Thanks to all of you again for reading and viewing my thoughts. I sincerely appreciate you.


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