I’m Grateful For Serendipity And Synchronicity in Life

Today was a great day. I picked up business cards I had made for GratitudeSquared.com and as I was leaving Office Depot with the cards, the very clerk who helped me asked if I liked my cards, and I said “yes” and I wanted to give her my first business card! She accepted my simple gift of the card to her. She exclaimed how negative sometimes life seems to be these days, and appeared so happy to see the positivity from the name of my site. I felt happy that she became happy when she saw the word “gratitude”. It’s a nice, warm, fuzzy feeling to make people happy. She said she was going to “check it out”! For those of us who post, it is always nice when someone reads what we write. We do sincerely appreciate the time you give to us.

Later I had my blood drawn for labs I need for my doctor’s visits next week, and I thanked the nurse who did a good job with a pediatric needle by handing her my business card with GratitudeSquared. She also had the same response as the clerk in Office Depot. It seems that people are nearly depressed by their jobs, and a brief moment of “gratitude” is just the medicine they need. In fact, I took a photo while at the Quest lab today. See the photo below. As I was waiting in the Quest lab, I wondered why in the world they would have to post on their office door about guns! How the world seems to be changing these days!

Posting on Office door of Quest Lab

As I noted, today was a day of Gratitude. I received an update about the improved health of the little dog, Mickey, I helped rescue last month. The sun was shining. I feel optimistic about my life. People around me and from this website are beginning to share their various stories of gratitude with me. All in all life is good.

I do believe that my illness has a purpose in my life. I do believe a part of that purpose is for me to send positivity and joy out into the universe as I continue to live and be joyful for my life. I do believe in serendipity and synchronicity in life. I do not fully understand why, but I do not think there are accidents in life. Everything happens for a reason. You may have also noted that I believe “portals” open in our life through which we may walk to have amazing experiences.

So, the simple act of getting business cards is opening a portal for me. I will distribute my cards with joy to inspire others towards happiness.

Be happy and joyful today. Be grateful today. Be inspired today to help others.

Be blessed this day!

If you have any interest, here is a YouTube I made in January of 2020 when I began to observe a “master plan” in my own life. I do not think there are accidents in life….


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