I’m Grateful I Learned About The #SpiritofPlace After a Visit to the #Pontdel’AlmaTunnel in Paris, France

Have you ever visited a special place where you experienced a memory or learned about a historical event? As I grow older, I am discovering many “special places” in my life: my mother’s gardens, an outdoor wedding spot, a fun family reunion memory from childhood, a loved one’s grave, a walkway where great men/women passed…. my little doggie playing in the bushes… What places are special or sacred to you?

Recently, I learned about the concept of #SpiritofPlace when I was reading about #water. Many religious practices recognize locations as significant and it is through that context that I am learning. Due to an illness I had an opportunity to go to Lourdes, France and on the way there, I passed through Paris, France and asked my driver to take me to the tunnel where Princess Diana died – the #Pontdel’AlmaTunnel. I was so moved to see the exact spot where her car crashed, and she lost her life.

This weekend I viewed the recent movie #Spencer about three days in Princess Diana’s life. I am also watching the weekly CNN specials on Princess Diana. I remember her funeral and the great sadness people expressed at the loss of their #People’sPrincess.

Since there seems to be current interest in #PrincessDiana, I viewed the YOUTube video I made on January 2020 about my visit. I share that video with you below, if interested.

Most importantly, I hope you take a moment to pause from your busy lives to locate your own special places, and go visit them often. Maybe you will sit under the trees where you had a picnic. Perhaps you will visit your old childhood family home or a religious site, or theme park!

I believe that each day of our life is made up from precious memories from our past, our present, and the futures we look forward to having.

Be grateful for your memories in your special places. Find your sacred #SpiritsofPlace.

You may only pass that way once in your life. Celebrate it with gratitude!

Video from my visit to #Pontdel’lamaTunnel in Paris, France.


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