I Am An Advocate For Gratitude

I am an advocate for gratitude. Gratitude offers each of us many positive outcomes:

  • recognizing the goodness of life
  • recognizing the goodness of gifts
  • recognizing the goodness of people who give
  • appreciating what one has versus what one does not have
  • boosting your immune system
  • lowering depression
  • helping with sleep
  • increasing feelings of energy
  • helping handle stress
  • feeling more generous toward others
  • being more forgiving
  • feeling less lonely and isolated
  • fostering hope for the future
  • improving how you regulate your emotions
  • reducing stress and burnout
  • building stronger relationships
  • improving overall health
  • dealing with adversity
  • shifting your focus from the negative to the positive
  • improving your quality of life
  • making you feel happier
  • reducing your inner fears
  • strengthening your faith
  • giving you peace of mind
  • helping you reach your goals
  • minimizing a feeling of hopelessness
  • expressing more kindness
  • expressing compassion towards others
  • providing sources of inspiration
  • understanding the beauty and miracle of life

Slowly read the above 30 benefits of gratitude and ask yourself if you would like to receive these benefits? If so, I invite you to begin to practice “Gratitude”, and move toward living in a “State of Gratitude”.

It has really helped me, and I believe it will help you too. I send my best to you.

For additional reading, search “gratitude” on your computer, and also read about gratitude.


3 thoughts on “I Am An Advocate For Gratitude

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