Looking Towards The Future With Gratitude For The Past

Tomorrow is the last day of 2021 and oh what a year we have had. During the past eleven months, since beginning this blog, I have focused with gratitude on positivity for all of our many blessings in life. I have met many new friends and have tried to offer assistance to my family and friends in need.

Against the light I perceive from “joy”, “peace”, and “calm”, I admit I have noted the apparent stressors on people around me because of the ongoing variants of the virus, whether to wear masks or not, if and when we should take the vaccines, the economy going up or down daily, strategies within political parties, all the necessary zoom calls, changes to the educational system, changing weather systems, persons who are ill and dealing with death and dying, and more. Some days such news breaks my heart, but I purposefully try to steer my focus away from these negative forces in life. I go towards the “light” of life, and focus on the positive I feel, and I encourage you to do the same, if possible. Why?

Remember all the advantages of staying in a “State of Gratitude” that we have discussed during 2021? If you review some of the positives you will understand the benefits from gratitude and I hope you will also set your course for 2022 – to walk in Gratitude. Let me offer you some help to get you started:

For example, re-visting the walk to gratitude on December 6, 2021 we considered our answers to eight (8) critical questions: In my opinion, the most important question was “Have I offered assistance to others today that touches their souls in meaningful ways, without thought for any benefit back to me?

On July 29, 2021, we explained why it is necessary to stay in a “State of Gratitude” and we offered 10 exercises for practice. Here are a five (one-half) exercises:

  1. Compliment others as often as possible, especially during stressful times.
  2. Pay kindness forward if you have the opportunity to help someone else.
  3. Thank everyone for their services: nurses, teachers, policemen, strangers.
  4. Begin your day with gratitude. Wake up happy for any mundane task.
  5. Pay it forward. I believe that every good act for someone else strengthens my inner core. If I help someone – I am sending positive energy out into the world. For each positive action, there is a positive reaction like waves that ripple out.

On November 18, 2021, we listed 30 outcomes from becoming an Advocate for Gratitude. Here are a 15 positive outcomes from the list:

  • boosting your immune system
  • lowering depression
  • helping with sleep
  • helping handle stress
  • feeling less lonely and isolated
  • fostering hope for the future
  • improving how you regulate your emotions
  • reducing stress and burnout
  • improving overall health
  • improving your quality of life
  • reducing your inner fears
  • giving you peace of mind
  • helping you reach your goals
  • minimizing a feeling of hopelessness
  • understanding the beauty and miracle of life

Slowly read the above 15 benefits of gratitude (just one-half of the benefits) and ask yourself if you would like these positive outcomes in your life too? If so, promise yourself to practice “Gratitude” in 2022. Perhaps make this your New Year’s resolution.

In summary, do the walk… use the exercises… and experience the benefits! Best wishes to you.

These postings will be here if you need help. I believe in YOU. I believe you can do it too.


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