Grateful For Anticipation of New Beginnings

We are now in the New Year of 2022. I always find it exciting to begin something new. I love the earliest parts of each day with the glow of the morning sunrise and the quiet across the land. The photo I selected for this post is from the JFK airport in New York City – an east coast sunrise which I typically never get to witness. My son and I saw a Broadway Show that had been repeatedly rebooked due to Covid and the shutdowns of travel and large gatherings of people. We left the mild climate of Southern CA and went directly into snow and ice and cold. I felt like I was in a ghost town and only the beauty of this sunrise warmed me.

I feel hopeful about 2022. I look forward to the ending of Covid and eventually going maskless. The year 2022 has already been interesting with the Tsunami warning last week for the entire West coast of the USA. When we were warned to stay off the beaches, as they were closed, many people immediately ran to those areas to take photos and to videotape the waves and rising water.The next day there were many posts of the disappointing Tsunami. For a few hours, our conversations and anticipations were fun.

I prefer the emotion of “anticipation”. I enjoy the feeling of “excitement”. I appreciate the “joy” within groups of people celebrating the New Year. I feel gratitude for the Year of 2022. During this season of new beginnings, anything might happen! I am eagerly awaiting… How about you?


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