Gratitude For Blind Crests

There is a street in Laguna Beach, CA that feels like you are driving straight up, or straight down! For the first couple of times driving on this street I think about my poor visibility, the brakes on the car, other cars in front or behind, and caution. A street sign warns of “Blind Crest”. I feel a mixture of thrill and dread on this street.

As we continue into the New Year 2022, this particular street becomes my teacher: How should I greet the goal of “living in a State of Gratitude”? Sometimes it feels like my objectives are not visible to me. Am I

moving too fast with helpfulness to others? Should I set more boundaries? When I wake up in the morning and feel “dread” regarding a task I must perform is that ok, or should I feel “joyful” all the time? What are other people around me experiencing apparently during this first month of the New Year?

On my journey to Gratitude, I am attempting to create a deliberate plan:

I do not think “Gratitude” is “Blind Action”.

I think Gratitude is purposeful and thoughtful and soulful.

I also rather enjoy that sometimes “Gratitude” emerges without a plan.

For me, I am ok if “Gratitude” blinds me with joy.

I am happy when I am thrilled if seeing “gratefulness”.

Yet, I am committed to staying in a “State of Gratitude” as possible in life, so I do not want to move throughout life experiences blindly very often. What do you think?


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