A Splash of Gratitude Each Day Helps Keep the Doctor Away: Meaningful Use of Time

I am nearing 5 and 1/2 years of good health after a serious scare with illness and death. I ask myself this morning, “Did I make the most and best out of the extra 5 plus years I have been graced?” What did I do with these gifted years I asked God to give me?

Each day I strive to help others. Did I make a difference in any person’s life? Could I do more? These are very important questions I am asking myself.

During these five plus years my little dog has lost his hearing. I want to hold him tight and love him more. During these recent years, I have grown closer to my son and my brother and they to me as I cherish each moment I have with them. I have made new friends, have lost some friends, and have observed the truer meanings of family and friends in life.

My weight is about the same. My teeth are not whiter although they are stronger with a few new crowns and root canals. I have more beautiful flower gardens surrounding me, and I have this gratitude blog I began. My gratitudesquared.com site provides me a summary of my actions over these recent years. So, how have I used my time? Have I used this “gift of time” wisely?

I am pleased to have had 3,366 different visitors read or listen to my musings regarding gratitude, with a total of 7,468 views to my gratitudesquared.com site. Definitely this means I am not a social influencer regarding gratitude or life, but still I am pleased with these results in just 1.5 years. I have posted 188 thoughts about gratitude. This gratitudesquared.com site in a way lets me judge my own accountability while living.

Today, as I judge myself, I would ask you to consider what does gratitude mean to you? I find that some days I think very deeply about the source of my gratitude (#gratitudeultra), while on other days I simply observe something meaningful and comment about such through the #gratitudelite posts. Many days I see a touch of fun, or kindness, or joy and describe such a moment in my day (#gratitudezero).

Most fortunately, I have learned to see different types of gratitude throughout my life. Many of those types of gratitude about which I have posted may appear random to you as a reader, but I have found that gratitude is deep and wide and does not fall within a particular category. Gratitude IS more or less random, as it pops up when you least expect it, and it is always present, all the time, if you pause a moment to observe it.

In fact, to date I have captured my “States of Gratitudes” into 24 different categories. If you go to my gratitudesquared.com web site you may read my musings by the category that interests you. For example, sometimes I see that momentarily #portals open in my life to let a burst of gratitude pass through, then the portal closes just as quickly as it opened and that opportunity is gone. There are five portals on my site.

Some of my postings of gratitude are deeper and based on #academicsearches I have completed to enhance my understanding. Within my 188 postings, you will find 38 based on further research into the topic of #gratitude.

Many of you love animals as do I. I have 16 postings about #animals in general and 22 postings regarding #pets, many of the moments in my little dog’s life. There are three postings regarding #ceremoniesandtherapies of gratitude.

Gratitude also stems from one’s #culture. There are 33 posts regarding culture and gratitude as I studied culture as a scholar and believe strongly in inclusiveness and our cultural underpinnings of why we do what we do. Today I am wondering if my cultural background has directed my actions over these past 5.5 years? Am I trying to help as many people as possible daily because my parents were in the ministry?

There are definite emotions that direct one to find gratitude. I believe my gratefulness for #life is rooted in #emotionality. I write about the #emotionality underpinning gratitude in 6 of my postings. I believe we are driven to find gratitude because we are scared, or sick, or blessed, or find grace through our beliefs.

#Energy is very important in our life. I write about energy 9 times as the energies we feel as we are attracted to love, life, cute pets, spiritual experiences, and thankfulness are definitely some of the sources from which we derive our gratitudes.

#Family is a frequent cause of gratitude and so I have posted 34 times regarding family.

#Foods definitely make us happy. There are 8 posting regarding foods and gratitude.

The general topics of #gratitude (167 postings) and #gratitudeultra (48 postings) are, of course, the purpose of this blog. I find great satisfaction when in a State of Gratitude as well as when reading and learning the deeper origins from gratitude. For those of you wishing to learn more, I recommend those categories for your reading. If you simply go to my “categories” topics, and click on a particular category, you will find the site sorts my postings and gives you all those posts under a particular category. For example, if you love “pets”, when you click on that topic, you will only see posts on “pets”. If you click on “gratitudeultra”, you will see those postings which are deeper thoughts and directives regarding “gratitude”.

#Health is a topic I have discussed 30 times, #music 6 times, and #water 23 times.

How one sees the #interpretation of gratitude is discussed 11 times, similarly #joy from gratitude 72 times, and the #motivation to find gratitude in one’s life has been described 72 times. Celebrating #nature through gratitude, 27 postings, and, of course, gratitude for #people in one’s life has been stressed 83 times.

My own mother’s entire published book of poetry, ahouseinsideofme.com has been provided, for free on a separate web site during these past five years. My mother and father spent their 63 plus years in the ministry helping people during deaths, weddings, in the hospital, while ill, in love, during divorces, during baby dedications as well as funerals and more. I offer their ministry to all of you on that separate site as well as within my own, gratitudesquared.com site with a publication or recitation of 18 poems from my mother’s poetry. Further, and because of my parents as well as my new found life, I have included some of my musings about the #spiritual side of one’s life within 42 postings.

Finally, I do not believe there are accidents or casual occurrences throughout our lives. Thus, I now frequently look for signs of #serendipity/synchronicity during each day. I have posted 4 such examples I have observed.

In summary, have I utilized these past 5.5 years in a meaningful way? I certainly hope so. As I look forward to the next five years, I am reflecting on my choices to date and considering what I would say to God if he took me soon and I had to be accountable. I ask each of you….. if you were given a chance for life over death in your immediate future, how would YOU spend your time? BE GRATEFUL EACH DAY! I am.


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