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Grateful That Illegal Fireworks Did Not Damage

Last night was scary for me at my home. I am a boomer and the young neighbors across the street had a party with illegal fireworks in the street and, at times, my driveway. I videotaped their fireworks on and off throughout the evening. With the drought, they could have started a fire. It was horrible for my little dog most of the night#. I was surprised that a car did not catch on fire, nor did anyone walking by get hurt. I know that the kids have been trapped inside during the last year because of the pandemic, and their youth produces lots of energy, but their party last night was dangerous.

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Grateful For 4th of July

Generally, I feel grateful for the 4th of July today. People seem cheerful and my small little city is a buzz with activity. We have our Annual Office Chair Races underway so strange costumes, parades, decorated chairs and golf carts, people, and more all walking up and down the streets to observe and participate in the races. I do not know the history of this annual event, but I did watch it last year and it was fun to see the creativity of people and to watch the chairs racing down the hill. I also do not know what this race has to do with the 4th of July, so someday I might look it up.

I have mixed feelings today, watching the Surfside Condo Tower ongoing search for

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