Grateful For 4th of July

Generally, I feel grateful for the 4th of July today. People seem cheerful and my small little city is a buzz with activity. We have our Annual Office Chair Races underway so strange costumes, parades, decorated chairs and golf carts, people, and more all walking up and down the streets to observe and participate in the races. I do not know the history of this annual event, but I did watch it last year and it was fun to see the creativity of people and to watch the chairs racing down the hill. I also do not know what this race has to do with the 4th of July, so someday I might look it up.

I have mixed feelings today, watching the Surfside Condo Tower ongoing search for

persons buried, and the demolition of another tower racing against Elsa the hurricane before she makes landfall in Florida. The news stations report political issues, arguments, and debate, as well as historical opinions on the state of our democracy. But, I just turn off the news today when I feel it take my joy away.

Bottom line, enjoy this day however you want to: good food on the grill, movies, musical performances, and, of course, the fireworks this evening. It should be a great day after our lockdown from the pandemic last year. Around my little city people seem happy to be outside, riding bikes, having water balloon fights, riding the Trolley around town. It feels like a great day in a great country. The celebration should be emotionally moving and beautiful tonight. Many people will be looking up to the skies. Generally joy will be all around us. I am grateful for the 4th of July this year. How about you?


Note: I do not have the source/artist# of the flag in the featured image. I received it in a text from a friend, so I can not provide the credit for this image.

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