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Grateful to Share My Mother’s Wisdom Through Video/Audio with You

I am pleased to share my mother’s wisdom (for free) with all of you. Since 2013 my mother’s words have been available in print in a book, in print on Kindle, and through an Apple iBook, under the title, A House Inside of Me, see Amazon. Over this winter holiday I was finally able to transfer actual video/audio files online, and place the entire book on ahouseinsideofme.com

My mother was a beloved storyteller, a special lady from a time gone by to transcend all time. As a minister’s wife for over 60 years, she was often called to speak at dedications, funerals, births, celebrations of life, Sunday morning services, weddings and more as she brought peace and calm to people often in pain or suffering. Marian Elsie Blake offered sacred guidance for parents, families, churches, ministers, and strangers about Heaven, death, nature, love, family, social activism, and more. I frequently share her messages on Facebook to individuals who have lost a loved one. People seem to be drawn to her messages and poetry as they offer wisdom and appropriate words to individuals during a time of stress, pain, sadness, or celebration during life.

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Grateful For Today As Tomorrow Is Not Promised

This is a special week for me as tomorrow is Veteran’s Day and my father was a WWII Marine, and it is also my mother’s death anniversary. My parents were remarkable people and I miss them very much.

In the video that follows, I repeat a poem my mother would frequently say to us, Tomorrow is Not Promised. Today I feel such gratitude for the parents I had.


As “Tomorrow Is Not Promised”, I encourage you to express your appreciation to your parent(s) today as well, as we never know what may happen tomorrow!

With deep gratitude, make the very best of today!


A House Inside of Me

How do you acquire your moral values and beliefs? My mother was my teacher. Here is one of our favorite poems she would tell us, “A House Inside of Me”, poetry by Marian Elsie Blake available on Amazon.com (2013). I have deep gratitude for what my mother taught me.

A House Inside of Me (Poem)


Tomorrow Is Not Promised

My mother, Marian Elsie Blake, was a poet in addition to being the wife of a minister. I found 100 of her poems after she passed away and published them in a book, A House Inside of Me Poetry by Marian Elsie Blake (2013), available on Amazon.com. Marian was always so upbeat, optimistic, and positive about life. She inspired many people, as well as encouraged them during the worst of times (such as the death of a child), as well as the best of times. For today’s post, I selected one of her poems: Tomorrow Is Not Promised

Tomorrow is not promised us,

So let us take today.

And make the very best of it,

For once we pass this way.

Just speak a kindly word,

Or do a kindly deed.

And try to help and understand,

Some fellow creatures’s need.

Tomorrow is not promised us,

So let us take today.

And make the very best of it,

For once we pass this way.

© Marian E. Blake

As I continue to practice “being in a state of gratitude” I find her words provide instruction to us

  • Make the very best of every day
  • Speak a kind word
  • Do a kind deed
  • Help meet another’s need
  • Make the very best of today

These five important directives seem to summarize appropriate “actions” for us today. What do you think?

This is #gratitudelite according to the categories I posted on February 28, 2021.