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Pets Give Us Joy

I always say that whenever people decided to domesticate dogs from the wolf, it was a brilliant idea! People say that “dog” is “God” spelled backwards and I believe it. Dogs are such good companions to us, our children, to the elderly, to persons in prison, individuals who are ill or are physically challenged. Pets, in general, offer such a wonderful addition to our lives, and contribute to us in many different ways.

I found it interesting to learn that approximately 76% of all households own a pet in comparison to 28% of households (married and single-parent) have children, or 85 million have pets and 35 million have children. In 2017, one (1) billion dollars was spent on private health insurance for pets. Trends in pet dogs is the expansion of the family to include dogs within our everyday activities, routines, and lifestyles.

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Today is Your Special Day!

This is your special day! Consider what makes you happy? Do you love to travel to beautiful places like National Parks, museums, flower markets, waterfalls, lakes, gardens, churches, concerts, family gatherings? Do you enjoy being with people or alone? What do you wish for, if you had the time and/or money? What do you enjoy when you have the time? Some people love parties or movies or games. Some people love  to hike or exercise or listen to music, or all of the above. Some of you would appreciate an extra hour of sleep because you work long hours to care for your family. Whatever you are forced to do during each and every day, where might you find your joy each day? Is it tucking your children into bed, or peeking at them while they sleep? Does your pleasure come from your dog or cat greeting you when you come home? Or/and, do you find deeply moving moments as you read your Bible or experience your spiritual discoveries as you reflect upon God? Or, do you love nature, gardening, farming, and harvesting some of your own food from your own garden?  My point is that we all experience a feeling of gratitude which feels more or less the same, but the source of that feeling may come from vastly different causes or stimulations or events within each of our lives, because we are all different people.  What I am inviting you to seek is “gratitude”, your “gratitude”, during each and every day.  This blog is a guide to finding and uncovering, or seeking little moments for which you will be so grateful. The term “g squared” means that together we will multiply your gratitude, and generate a foundation on which you may build to get you through your tough times.

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Each And Every Day…

Each and every day, I feel full of gratitude because I should be dead, but obviously I’m not. In 2017, I learned I had serious illnesses and thought I had about 7-9 months of life left to live. So, I dutifully prepared all my affairs and accepted my fate, and felt I had lived a good life, wonderful career, great family and waited…. It is a funny feeling to watch other people around you die, but not die yourself. I wondered why and hence have tried to be as helpful to my family and friends and strangers as possible as I “pay it forward” with gratitude for life each and every day. Personally, I was always a planner and looked to the future. Now, I live in the present, and value each and every day, and I do not take each part of each day for granted. My illness was a gift to me. No matter what happens nearly every day, I try to seek out peace, harmony, calm, and thankfulness that I see the sun each day, and the moon at night, and feel the raindrops when it rains, or the winds and storms when they come because I am alive. Being alive beats or overcomes any negative event that may come my way. Each glance from my little Cock-a-poo doggie, every smile from my family or strangers, every story I hear, or conversation in which I engage at Starbucks, or with neighbors, or at the grocery store, fills me with pure joy because I was fortunate to experience that communication event with other people at least one more time… All of you people in my life for which I am grateful. I tell you my background story so you understand where joy comes from, but this blog is not about me, it is about all of you: People stressed by life events everyday. This blog is for you to find a brief moment to meditate, or take a breath, or pause to experience a special moment in time – to capture that memory and burn it into your life because it gave you such happiness, such joy, such pleasure. That moment let you escape briefly from your day. This is your journey in life, your journey to gratitude. Please come and discover your personal gratitude, your healing, your “wow”.

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