Your Yellow Brick Road To Gratitude

Recently, I camped at the Hollywood RV Park in Los Angeles. An artist painted beautiful tributes to the Wizard of OZ throughout the park. This morning, I wonder where the yellow brick road will take you?

If you practice “gratitude zero”, you probably are too busy to pause and waste your time thinking about your pathway. Certainly discussing the “yellow brick road” when you have to run to work, or face unemployment, or take care of children at home trying to go to school seems silly. I understand that state of mind. But, I would ask for you to take a deep breath, pause for one moment, and look around you and find one sight (a smile), or smell (like coffee), or sound (like your favorite song, or a child giggling), or touch your elderly parent who may live with you before you begin your day. Give thanks for that one brief moment, now…

If you practice “gratitude lite”, you might get a laugh out of seeing your preschool child walking around in your shoes, or trying to get dressed and putting their clothes on backwards. You might feel joy that you found food in the food bank to feed your child this morning. You might be happy that you may pay some of your bills this first day of the month. You might love to watch your pet roll and scratch their back, or run outside freely before you leave for work. You might view a funny story on TV, or see kindness on TV this morning. For example, some family members are finally able to hug and visit with their loved ones after a full year of separation due to the pandemic. Or, if you like sports, all the golfers dressed in red and black like Tiger Woods this weekend to show their support after his automobile accident. I particularly loved to watch the face of the 111 year old woman who received the vaccine and was thrilled. Take a moment, even during this pandemic, to express gratitude for something good you witnessed or felt on this day.

If you practice “gratitude ultra”, you will do all of the above, or activities similar to… but you may also write in a daily journal, have a morning meditation, read verses from Proverbs or Psalms, and/or give sincere thanks for this day as well as every day. Remember this day will pass and will not come again.

How will you “Follow Your Yellow Brick Road” today?

This is #gratitudelite.

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