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Organizational Model for Gratitudesquared.com Site

So many of you are responsive to my posts, so I want to pause to express my sincere appreciation to each of you. In just 4 weeks, there have been well over 1200 views, hundreds of different visitors, and many regular followers. As a teacher, I want to provide some structure to this site.

Some of my postings are just for fun to lift your spirits for a moment.

Other posts are inspirational or aspirational to assist you along your own pathways.

There is literature on gratitude that I am tapping into for the serious scholar and disciple of gratitude.

Today let me provide an “Index” for your use. The Index lists each title, the date of posting, a tag to indicate that the post is “gratitude zero”, “gratitude lite”, or “gratitude ultra”, and several of the “topics” within each post. In the future, for those of you that love “family and people posts” you will be able to easily sort and find such; if you love “pets”, or “nature”, the same. If you want to read and reflect on gratitude, you may. The following is my first attempt at organizing this site:

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Be Mindful: Gratitudes are Cultural Phenomena

Note: If you are new to my site, I want to say this is a “deeper” posting and you may want to visit one of my earlier posts, more playful posts first. This topic offers an academic post versus a fun post.

During my career, I had the opportunity to participate in writing the “Human Rights Convention for Persons with Disabilities” at the United Nations. Also, I served as President of a NGO (nongovernmental organization) for ISAAC (the International Society for Augmentative and Alternative Communication), representing approximately 60 countries. The photo is with my colleague Sudha Kaul who served as President of ISAAC before my term in 2009-2010.

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Wearing a Mask

My sincere thanks to YOU for reading these posts. Today, let’s focus on a “gratitude zero” activity… wearing a mask. There is a lot of conversation these days about “masks”. People are tired of the pandemic, lock downs, separation from friends and families. It is sometimes difficult to remember to bring a mask. I have masks in my purse, my car, in shopping bags, and next to gloves when I put gas in the car. I have extra masks for my family and friends who forget their masks when running out the door to run an errand, or grab something to eat (take out).

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Your Yellow Brick Road To Gratitude

Recently, I camped at the Hollywood RV Park in Los Angeles. An artist painted beautiful tributes to the Wizard of OZ throughout the park. This morning, I wonder where the yellow brick road will take you?

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Your Choice: Gratitude Zero, Gratitude Lite, or Gratitude Ultra

This is my 32nd post on gratitude, and we have learned so much. To the extent to which you want to practice gratitude, I invite you to consider the various pathways from which you may select your “state of gratitude”. I borrow labels for your choices from current soft drinks, political strategists, podcasts, and traditional print literatures.

Gratitude may be expressed at any point along a continuum. In my post “What Money Can’t Buy”, I discussed intentional acts from sporadically grateful to always grateful. Thus, imagine a horizontal line from left to right with little markings (like on a ruler) to indicate your “extent of gratitude”.

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