Horses and Gratitude

Feeling Gratitude and Not Expressing It is like Wrapping a Present and Not Giving It!

William Arthur Ward

I look around. I listen to people on the phone. I am aware of conversations around me and on TV, and I recognize that we have pandemic fatigue. We are tired of being masked, locked up, limited in going out, eating, seeing friends and family, and experiencing life as we knew it. I am increasingly observing the frustration, sadness, fear, loneliness, loss of joy, anxiety, and weariness of people near me.

Through these posts, I am striving to provide a brief moment of escape from “the crap” of the day. I picked the horse photo and quote above to provide variety to switch our focus to horses.

What do we know about horses that gives us joy? What might we learn from horses to apply to our own lives? How can we learn to express gratitude today and not keep it hidden inside us like the unwrapped present?

The emotional range and perception of horses is pretty amazing. Horses average 205 bones while humans average 206 bones. Bones are extremely important for living on earth due to gravity. Gravity pushes us toward the earth. Gravity is what makes jumping on a horse exciting. Gravity is what makes humans fearful of riding horses as we get older. While bones help us resist gravity, the horse, when in air, lets us be free of gravity for just an instant.

Horses and humans have family structures. Horses care about and bond to other horses. Horses have emotions and empathy. Horses have social relationships. Horses are sensitive decision-makers. Horses have wonderful hearts and give their all to humans. Horses “try” to win races and please their owners. Horses give immediate feedback. There is an increasing knowledge base regarding horse and human interactions and the consequences from such on health and wellness. Horses’ attitudes make humans happy!

Today I enjoyed focusing on horses. Horses teach us confidence. Therefore, while “unwrapping new horse knowledge” I gained the confidence to keep finding gratitude. Today, if only for a moment of looking at photos and reading, horses freed me from the pandemic gravity weighing me down.

Today horses gave me the attitude of gratitude!


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