Gratitude For Life’s Lessons

An activity is suggested that compares two points in time in your life: a younger you compared to an older you. What would the older you tell the younger you? Using personal photographs practice this activity with the author and see what would be your own personal outcome?

This posting focuses on the journey to gratitude for life’s lessons. Five lessons learned on the journey to a State of Gratitude are discussed with examples from the author’s life. The Lessons include the following:

Lesson One: Love Your Family. Two poems are read: My Family, and You Carry My Genes by Marian Elsie Blake in the book, A House Inside of Me by Mary Blake Huer, available on Amazon.

Lesson Two: Enjoy Each and Every Day. Don’t Be Too Serious. This day shall pass and not come again. Take advantage of each day to seek opportunities to find joy and be grateful for whatever is presented to you.

Lesson Three: Don’t Be Afraid to Experience New Adventures. See the world. Travel. Have different experiences with different individuals. Do not judge. Have mutual respect for everyone. Be inclusive. Experience as much as time and money permit.

Lesson Four: Take Care of Your Body as Well as the Environment, and for better health read about ancient remedies, and alternatives to traditional Western Medical practices. Understand organic foods and GMO’s, and various farming practices, and food sources.

Lesson Five: Try to Live Each Day in a State of Gratitude. Value the smallest things in your life daily. Value other people and their lives. Listen to people more. Let them talk as much as they need to so they feel heard and valued and cared for in their own lives.

Two poems by Marian E.. Blake from A House Inside of Me are read in Lesson One.

This is part of the series by #MaryBlakeHuer and is categorized as #gratitudelite.

Gratitude for Life’s Lessons

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