Gratitude When Finding Favorite Foods

As I grow older I try to limit my sweets, but I have a weakness for bread pudding. Every time I go out to eat I search the menu for “bread pudding” and order and sample whenever I find it. Last week in Westfield, Indiana I found #pumpkinbreadpudding at #GrindstoneontheMonon. It was topped with vanilla bean ice cream! It was good. My family members and I enjoyed it and, of course, compared it to our favorite previous bread puddings. We love to compare the sauces, the temperatures/textures, and ingredients. For example, my favorite topping sauce consists, in part, of cream cheese with Grand Marnier Liqueur with pecans, but I admit the vanilla bean ice cream was nearly at the top.

Sitting around a table with friends or family is really about more than eating. Sharing a meal conjures up memories of holidays, typical foods, images, rituals, smells, sounds and more. Visiting around a favorite meal is nearly magical as it fills us with memories of times past, present, and future. Foods trigger images of the past, fond and fun times together. People look forward not only to the traditional foods, but also to the stories and visions of long lost relatives and friends who maybe created the recipe or introduced the particular food item to the group, or brought something that was truly terrible for others to eat. Such memories always bring laughter, and funny faces in disgust, followed by the annual story telling.

Since I found a new bread pudding recipe last week I wanted to share my delight with you. I wonder what foods trigger your memories and selections during your special times with family and friends together?


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