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Practice Gratitude During Stressful Times

I spend most of my time listening to people complain these days. No doubt there is more uncertainty than I ever remember in my life. People can not easily vacation, or travel, or plan to see other family members and friends. Some people are wearing masks again, others refuse to do so. The news is uncertain about the Covid viruses. School may or may not return to normal this year. People have lost their jobs. Other people do not want to work because they need to stay home with their children or they prefer to receive support from the government. The weather is hot and humid and the wild fires are starting again. Some people would say “life sucks”. So why would I expect anyone to practice gratitude?

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Staying in a State of Gratitude Is Not Easy: So How Do I Do It?

Recently, I wanted to go out to lunch with a friend. We tried four different restaurants and each one was crowded with a long wait. Plus, we had to mask up so we wanted to social distance. We had even gone at an early hour to avoid the crowds. I guess everyone else had the same idea. However, when we got to restaurant number five, it was empty. The food was better than the other places we had visited and the lunch was actually more enjoyable.

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