How May I Capture “Love” In One Post?

Thirteen year old Mickey is at the center of a grand love story this weekend. His mommy unfortunately has been visited by an aggressive breast cancer once again. Can any of you imagine the trauma of a double mastectomy, the planned potential damage to your heart from radiation and/or chemo, and then (on top of it all) the depth of pain to have to make a decision about the future of your best little doggie friend in the whole world? My friend Sherry is currently in the midst of this wicked storm of life. What would any of you do?

Rather than put Mickey to sleep as she can no longer care for him, or take the risk of his six pound little body getting under foot and causing a fall or missing walks, food, water, and more, Sherry and friends found a Yorkie rescue group and an adoptive family for Mickey. In just a few hours, Mickey will be picked up by a volunteer who will place him in a caravan to head North to his new home with new parents and new Yorkie siblings. Everyone has met by telephone and the new parents have promised to try to love Mickey as much as Sherry does.

While this is a great love story, with a great ending for Mickey, a doggie life saved, and the generosity of many dog lovers, this weekend I am not overlooking the “evil” of the cancer that not only rips through one’s body, but literally tears out the heart of the cancer recipient that certainly has done nothing to deserve such a fate within her life.

So, in this posting I want you to pause right now to remember that you are so blessed if you do not have a serious illness, and you are so blessed if you do not have to sacrifice your beloved pet, your best companion of many years, and you are so blessed if you do not have to make gut wrenching decisions when you feel so sick and are simply trying to “fight” to stay alive a bit longer.

This is a gratitude posting for Mickey’s future that he might not have had if Sherry did not love him so much, or if rescue groups did not exist with kind strangers willing to adopt senior pets. This is a gratitude posting for Sherry who models what “giving” and “selflessness” really mean for all of us. This is a gratitude posting for Sherry letting us peek into her life this weekend to remind us to be thankful for whatever our life may be right now. This is a gratitude posting because I know that Sherry will meet Mickey again in the future, and oh what a story Mickey will have to tell Sherry about his upcoming adventures with his new family and siblings.

Sherry got Mickey 13 years ago when she first got cancer and felt like she was losing a little bit of life every day. Caring for Mickey gave her direction and hope. Mickey fulfilled his job and must now move on… Sherry gave me permission to share her love story and wanted Mickey to get center stage. I think Sherry deserves center stage as well.

Folks, think about this true story! After cancer seemingly has taken everything that is meaningful to one’s life, should it also take one’s best friend?

Please be thankful today, and count your Blessings!

Also, take a moment and pause, then send all your love to Mickey and Sherry as they say “goodbye” when parting from each other for the final time.

Sometimes staying in a “State of Gratitude” seems so difficult…

5 thoughts on “How May I Capture “Love” In One Post?

  1. anne leueen

    Oh my this is a heartbreaker. Sherry is a wonderful soul to give her little friend away because she knows she may not be able to look after him properly. That is indeed true love! I have been through cancer and 21 years later I am still here. I have made arrangements for my horse Biasini if anything should happen to me. I did this because I can remember how frantic it was when I got my cancer diagnosis. I wanted to make sure that my family would be ok . It was a scramble but I did it before I went in for surgery. So I know now that you have to plan ahead for a sudden death or illness when you are still alive. If possible do keep us updated on Sherry.

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    1. Gratitude Squared Post author

      I will keep you updated. I agree with you about planning ahead. Life with the big “C” certainly gives us a “ride” doesn’t it? Sherry calls us all “sisters” as we make decisions and try our best to move forward. She will appreciate your comments as well. Hug your Biasini from me. What a special horse!

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