Gratitude For Thinking, Learning, And Experiencing

Last night I had my first “Sound Bath”! I attended because I love to learn about various perspectives on healing and wellness. When we started it was noted that the frequency of 432 Hertz would be emphasized. I made a note on my cell phone for later study. I studied “acoustics of sound” during my Ph.D. coursework, so my curiosity was ignited.

This morning I googled 432 Hertz to learn the significance. Apparently, this frequency is believed to be a healing frequency as it reduces anxiety, lowers blood pressures, and lowers heart rate. Further, as I read various studies to verify the accuracy of this statement, I I learned the term “solfeggio” frequency. According to the Nature Healing

Society, this frequency

 encourages the synchronicity between both brain hemispheres, which increase intuition, insight, and creativity. This frequency has been found in geometrical arrangements in some of the ancient sites such as Stone Henge and the Great Pyramid. The frequency is at times said to be scientific tuning. Music is made of healing properties due to its frequencies. Music therapists have been using music frequencies to restore the memory of patients suffering from Alzheimer and improve the basic movement skills in stroke patients.

As I was loving to learn new concepts, I kept reading various articles (pro and con) for the healing properties of this Hertz, until I came across music and the use for Healing, Meditation, Sleep, Chakra, Yoga, Spa, Study, and Relaxation with reference to Tibetan Meditation Music. I continued to read about Shamanic music, sound healing, Gong baths, Singing Bowls, Binaural Beats, Chanting, DNA repair, Pythagorean mathematics, and more. Before long, I realized I had “mind-wandered” in way over my head, but I was having fun reading about concepts that were new to me.

Today I keep thinking about frequencies, and music that might help people with their sleep, when studying, when meditating, as well as for healing. It seems that music with regard to emphasis on frequency rather than lyrics and “notes or sound patterns” (which is what I typically focus on with regard to music) is a reasonable field of inquiry.

I enjoyed my Sound Bath experience as it helped me learn something new and continue to think about different concepts, way beyond a focus on healing/wellness.

While I continue on my own personal journey through Gratitude to Health and Wellness, I am grateful today that I continue to learn and think through new experiences.

I hope I never lose the ability to learn and think. Learning and thinking keeps me in a State of Gratitude. What makes you feel grateful today?


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