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I’m So Grateful for Pumpkin. It Healed Me!

For the past two days I could not keep anything in my stomach. I vomited everything I ate multiple times. It was horrible. My mom’s friend suggested I should eat pumpkin so I did. First, I started with a simple teaspoon, then a tablespoon, then I mixed pumpkin with a bit of food, and a bit more. Yeah….. I am so grateful for pumpkin. It healed my stomach. With gratitude… Thank you pumpkin!


Maybe The Best Dog Day Ever – Yum!

Barley ate the same dog food everyday for years. Finally, he had something different. This post is classified as a #gratitudezero following the categories described in the February 28, 2021 posting titled, Your Choice: Gratitude Zero, Gratitude Lite, or Gratitude Ultra. Enjoy this example of pure dog gratitude!

Best Dog Day Ever!