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Gratitude Hunters

Gratitude is contagious! It really is…

As our Gratitude Squared community grows, you are all sharing photos, stories, ideas, and more with me about your “gratitude experiences“, and your involvement is fantastic! Today, Becca spotted this license plate that says “EVR G8FL“. Isn’t that cool?

Now I would ask you all to be careful when you spot something as I don’t want you to have an accident taking photos, following people, and expressing pure joy, especially when driving, but…… How special is this?

Today’s message is “Be EVER GRATEFUL”!

This is #gratitudezero. See the February 28, 2021 posting for a definition of gratitude categories.

Welcome to Guide to Gratitude!

Welcome to Guide to Gratitude. These are clearly amazing times with the Covid-19 virus, people unemployed, food insecurity, political disagreements, and fear of Covid, conflict over wearing masks, children out of school and on and on. During my lifetime, I have experienced many variations of life from serious health issues, loss of employment, early death of family members, and more of what so many worry about these days. Sometimes we feel helpless to know what to do or say. In response to events of these times, I want to blog with all of you about Gratitude, i.e., finding gratitude in daily life. I hope you will take this journey with me as we search together for life’s little miracles all around us. Gratitude for good health, gratitude for a job, gratitude for a rainbow, gratitude for love, gratitude for a beautiful national park, gratitude for God and spirituality in life, gratitude for the smile of a young child, or the playfulness of your pet… This blog includes travel to discover and uncover the riches in which gratitude is found and becomes meaningful to you. I hope you will come along and share your own experiences during which you felt grateful. Let’s begin…

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