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So Grateful For Beauty Above: Look Up More Often

The other day I was raking leaves and picking up after my dog. I realized I have a habit of looking down more often than looking up! As I was carefully carrying the leaves to dump, my eye caught the sky, and it was so beautiful. I paused and grabbed my camera.

I’ve been reflecting on what I might say within this post:

  • Looking up takes our minds closer to Heaven
  • Looking up reveals the multiple colors of the sky, changing throughout the time of day
  • Looking up probably helps with our neck and improves our posture
  • Looking up might minimize the number of accidental falls, trips, and stumbles
  • Looking up has recently been connected to cell phones, crossing streets, etc.

Bottom line: look up more often! I think you will enjoy the views.


Look Up to the Clouds!

We need to spend more time looking up in life. This posting talks about looking up and is classified as #gratitudelite according to the classification system I described in my post on February 28, 2021 titled, Your Choice: Gratitude Zero, Gratitude Lite, or Gratitude Ultra.

This audio/visual display is provided for people on the go who like to listen rather than read, and/or for an individual with a disabling condition who can not read. Please enjoy the clouds for a brief moment while listening and remember, in the future, look up!

Look Up!