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Looking For Gratitude

In April 2021, times are trying. The pandemic continues to kill people, but not as many since the vaccine is available. Families are hoping for their children to return to school, or at least more normal types of activities for high school graduations, applications for college, or socializing with other children. Families wish to plan weddings, be with their elderly parents who are in the hospitals, and, sadly attend funerals of their loved ones. People are tired of the lock downs. People want life to go back to the old normal.

President Biden and other leaders are working on a national infrastructure plan to help communities with roads, bridges, buildings, and other structural improvements which appear neglected recently. Such national objectives would help improve the economy by helping the unemployed get jobs. Politically the Democrats and Republicans still differ more than agree on almost all issues.

Culturally, Black Lives Matters advocates are focused on the trial of the officer that sat on George Floyd’s neck, and Asian-American hate crimes are on the increase. Some members within the White community are still frustrated, as evidenced by the January 6, 2021 march on the Capital of the USA. So, my thoughts for today direct us to ask:

How do I find gratitude when the world around me seems to be unstable and ever changing?

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