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Love The Day You’re In!

I am watching the Nor’easter storm along the East Coast of North America today with projections of heavy snow and dangerous winds that will probably knock out power and cause flooding. Yet, I look out the window to see a soft blanket of beautiful fresh white snow covering my yard furniture. I have mixed feelings this day. Should I feel angry at the disruption that the snow may cause? Should I appreciate the quiet gentle cover before the storm ruins my day?

As I look at the window in the calm of day my memories flash back to the fun times I have had on my patio on those chairs at my table. Being a positive person, choosing to live in a State of Gratitude, as possible, I feel happy to see the untouched snow. I also feel fortunate to have so many good memories on that furniture under this snowfall.

I feel so grateful for each season, the good and the bad days within each season, and, most importantly, the memories I recall and share during each session with the people I love. Have gratitude today, and love the day you’re in!


Mask ON, Mask OFF (Audio)

Are you trying to decide whether or not to wear a mask? On March 11, 2021, I posted 10 reasons to wear or not to wear a Mask. Wearing a mask is, in part, part of a cultural phenomena, as is gratitude. See my post titled, Be Mindful: Gratitudes are Cultural Phenomena on March 3, 2021.

This posting is categorized as #gratitudelite following a classification system that I described in my posting on February 28, 2021 titled, Your Choice: Gratitude Zero, Gratitude Lite, or Gratitude Ultra.

The following audio and video post is for the reader who does not have much time to read, or may have a disabling condition, or who is simply on the go. Remember, YOU have the choice: Mask On, or Mask Off. Have gratitude that you have that choice!

Mask ON, Mask Off