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When Gratitude Is Enough

I found this phrase at the car wash this morning. It made me think…

When is Gratitude enough? What is it we are all searching for? Today I thought we might make a list of topics and/or events that give people “joy”, so I asked people around me to help:

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Attention: I Had An Oops!

Many of you may remember me speaking to you in my posting on “Maybe the Best Dog Day Ever – Yum!”, and also all the photos in the posting on March 7, 2021. This was my example of pure dog gratitude when my mom gave me a beef rib! Well, I am sorry to report that when she gave me another beef rib this week, I chewed on it so enthusiastically that I ended up in my Vet’s office!

In this posting, let me give a WARNING to all little dogs. I learned the hard way.

I chewed on that beef rib so happily that I injured my jaw, my neck, my shoulders, and my entire upper body!

I cried when I barked. I cried when I walked. I stumbled in circles as I could not get comfortable for hours. My mom was afraid I had a piece of bone stuck in my neck.

The Vet checked me for neurological damage. I feel lucky today and want to tell you what I learned at the Vet.

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Horses and Gratitude

Feeling Gratitude and Not Expressing It is like Wrapping a Present and Not Giving It!

William Arthur Ward

I look around. I listen to people on the phone. I am aware of conversations around me and on TV, and I recognize that we have pandemic fatigue. We are tired of being masked, locked up, limited in going out, eating, seeing friends and family, and experiencing life as we knew it. I am increasingly observing the frustration, sadness, fear, loneliness, loss of joy, anxiety, and weariness of people near me.

Through these posts, I am striving to provide a brief moment of escape from “the crap” of the day. I picked the horse photo and quote above to provide variety to switch our focus to horses.

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Glorious Gratitude

Today was a splendid day. My father, a Baptist Minister, always held an Easter Sunrise Service and this sunrise reminded me of those mornings with my dad. On this blessed day, Joy was in the air. Many friends and family sent beautiful text messages, colorful images, and kind wishes to each other.

People seemed extra friendly to one another in restaurants, when shopping, at dog parks, when driving, in airports, in coffee houses, bagel shops, and even during conversations with strangers. All in all it was just a glorious day for which I am deeply grateful, and for which I feel thanks to see hope coming alive as we put the pandemic behind us. We are not out of the woods yet, but the spirit of positivity in the air is notable and uplifting, a soulful feeling for which I feel deep gratitude.

Today “gratitude” is my attitude. How ’bout you?

This is #gratitudelite.

Tomorrow Is Not Promised

My mother, Marian Elsie Blake, was a poet in addition to being the wife of a minister. I found 100 of her poems after she passed away and published them in a book, A House Inside of Me Poetry by Marian Elsie Blake (2013), available on Marian was always so upbeat, optimistic, and positive about life. She inspired many people, as well as encouraged them during the worst of times (such as the death of a child), as well as the best of times. For today’s post, I selected one of her poems: Tomorrow Is Not Promised

Tomorrow is not promised us,

So let us take today.

And make the very best of it,

For once we pass this way.

Just speak a kindly word,

Or do a kindly deed.

And try to help and understand,

Some fellow creatures’s need.

Tomorrow is not promised us,

So let us take today.

And make the very best of it,

For once we pass this way.

© Marian E. Blake

As I continue to practice “being in a state of gratitude” I find her words provide instruction to us

  • Make the very best of every day
  • Speak a kind word
  • Do a kind deed
  • Help meet another’s need
  • Make the very best of today

These five important directives seem to summarize appropriate “actions” for us today. What do you think?

This is #gratitudelite according to the categories I posted on February 28, 2021.